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Brian Gongol

We welcomed Josh Alton to the studio today to discuss his new movie, "Road Dogs." Josh is a great Midwestern comedian, and is a supporter of Comedy Crossroads, a group featuring local comics.

More funny stuff: The parody video of "I'll Be Watching You" produced by Columbia Business School students spoofing their dean is pretty hilarious.

Paid search results may be less secure on average than ordinary results. Part of the problem is that people are looking for free stuff (like songs and screensavers) that they should expect to be paying for. But the problem highlights the issue of search-engine trust, and whether search engines have an obligation to their users to provide trusted (and trust-able) content. Also in search-engine news: Yahoo tells Microsoft, "We're not for sale."

Ross's Useless Information: Players aren't supposed to get their own baseball cards until they've made it to the majors, but a printing error gave minor-leaguer Alex Gordon his own card. Now it's worth thousands of dollars.

Brian's Security Update: It's a time of updates for everyone, including Mac users, PC users, Firefox users, and QuickTime users. Get the full set of updates with Brian's Security Update checklist.

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