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Brian Gongol

Useless information: Yes, Loretta Lynn really was a grandmother at 29. And you could be invisible soon. Maybe.

Google is going to start offering video ads to its AdSense affiliates. Google is smart enough not to carry the ads on its own sites, but they're coming soon to blogs near you. Meanwhile, Yahoo and eBay are teaming up to combat the Google juggernaut.

A sign the global Internet market is growing more mature: Older shoppers in some places are buying more online than everyone else.

Laptops don't really have legs, but if your organization or company doesn't have a good plan for data security in place, you could face huge liability problems if someone steals a laptop with that information on it, like what just happened to the Veterans Administration. The liability issues are huge and terribly embarrassing.

We promised it: The Amazon Mechanical Turk. Hilarious.

And here are the instructions for protecting yourself from the latest security problem discovered in Microsoft Word documents.

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