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Brian Gongol

No matter what you do to protect yourself online (and you should), you can still fall victim to the mistakes of others -- like the news that a USDA database was hacked, exposing 26,000 employees, contractors, and vendors to the chance of identity theft. It's not a suggestion that you give up on good behavior, but a reminder to be vigilant about your own behavior and to put pressure on anyone who collects your personal information to keep the security up.

ABC claims 11 million downloads of its TV shows from the network's website in May. It's another sign that content is king; the method of delivery doesn't matter anymore.

One of the great things about technology is that it disrupts the ability of government to do bad things to people -- like how an alternative web browser helps Chinese users get around the Great Firewall that their government puts up to keep them from seeing "unapproved" content from the outside.

Strangely, it turns out that beluga caviar comes not from the beluga whale but from the very ugly beluga sturgeon.

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