The WHO Radio Wise Guys
Brian Gongol

Paris Hilton has a new music video, reminding us of Theodore Roosevelt's commentary on what rich people should do with their free time instead. At least Warren Buffett (video) found something good to do with his spare change.

Security Update: Microsoft is having security problems with Excel. Get some instructions on how to deal with the problems in our Security Update.

Women apparently underestimate how good they are at using the Internet. Men, by comparison, are apparently pretty good at over-estimating how good they are at the same things.

Here's an unusual technology hint: Keep an eye on your credit reports. Beyond the recent problems at the VA and the USDA over data theft, now we have the story of hackers breaking in to Nebraska's state child-support database.

In honor of our Independence Day: The risks of electronic voting. And a related bonus: How Scotland may be following our revolutionary lead...230 years late.

And just after the Wise Guys, it's time for a Space Shuttle launch.

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