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Will Iowa get better justice if jurors are paid better? Well, today's rate is $10 a day for jury service, and a bill in the Iowa Senate would increase that to $30 a day. That's better...but $30 a day is like getting less than $4 an hour for an 8-hour day. That's just not enough.

With the weekend's announcements, we now have at least 17 serious candidates in the race for President. That's seventeen campaigns already in motion, with seventeen campaign staffs, and seventeen different teams looking to put campaign commercials on the air. Why so early? It's all about Republicans wanting to win the Straw Poll, and Democrats not wanting to miss out on the media attention.

But the scary part is that among those seventeen candidates, only three have really spent any time in the private sector. That's not to say one can't be a good President without having spent time in the private sector, but consider how things would've been different for our country if George Washington and Thomas Jefferson hadn't been farmers, or if Franklin Roosevelt had ever run a small business. Private-sector experience is important to acting as President just like knowing how to use e-mail is to serving on the Senate committee that regulates the Internet. That kind of business experience is probably at least as important to serving in the White House as military experience.

Is a local version of the McCain-Feingold Act being brewed for Iowa? House File 36 sure looks like it.

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