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Brian Gongol

Google will be moving all of its hosted videos to YouTube, which it bought for $1.65 billion in October.

Dan has 16 friends on MySpace as of today. He's hoping all 16 are using Firefox or Opera.

With the pending release of Vista for home users, we're trying to figure out what super-neat features are un-missable in the new edition that we should be tripping over ourselves to get the upgrade. So far, we aren't really seeing any.

Imagine spending 30 years campaigning for a new, safer road -- and then being the first to crash on the new highway.

What if we took all the innovation and creativity that goes into building Pinewood Derby cars for Cub Scouts and put that into finding solutions to our country's energy problems? We could do it by offering big prizes for big ideas. Awards for innovations -- called inducement prizes -- have led to a lot of innovations, like getting Charles Lindbergh to fly solo across the Atlantic. The National Research Council agrees.

A couple of links in case you need to set up a website: Have a talk with your kids -- don't get into situations that could be offensive. Digital cameras, Facebook, and Google make this a very transparent world.

And don't forget your Security Update for this week.

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