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Brian Gongol

The Microsoft trial has been settled. If you bought a Microsoft product between May 1994 and last June, you're probably part of the class action and thus entitled to something out of the deal.

If you're looking for love on Valentine's Day, one non-traditional place to start would be a photo-sharing site like Flickr. Perhaps a little stalker-iffic, but it works for some. It sounds like the anti-Valentine's tradition of "Singles Awareness Day" appears bigger to the rest of the world than it really is here in the US. At least we don't have anti-couples squads running around. If you're not romantically involved and want an alternative, how about volunteering?

Matt Groening turns 53 today.

Hybrid cars may be good for air pollution, but they're bad for blind people.

The dystopia of "Minority Report" could be inching just a teeny bit closer thanks to some new brain research.

A Valentine's Day idea for you: Give your sweetheart a winter-weather survival kit for the car. Not particularly romantic, but especially appropriate given the weather lately.

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