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Well that didn't take long: As predicted on our March 4th show, Iowa's big cigarette-tax hike has already led to big criminal heists.

Here's a fun use of Google: An aerial marriage proposal.

If you don't own your own name as a domain name (like, you really ought to do something about it. Services like PairNIC and Network Solutions will let you register your domain name for a reasonable price (don't pay more than $20 a year for any reason). Then, with the help of a service like Blogger or Yahoo 360, you can set up a site with basic information (like, say, your resume) and control what the Internet-surfing public finds out about you.

Dividing a big task into little pieces isn't just good for issues like housework and term papers, it also helps with keeping an eye on government officials.

They've had lots of time to deal with the problem, but France hasn't done much to fix the slums that generated all that violence about a year ago. One good thing about America is that we still know how to get rid of the old when it's time to do so. In other amusing video news, you can watch Bill O'Reilly lose his own culture war.

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