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Your personal data appears to have a really long half-life on Google's server farms.

If there's intelligent life on that new planet astronomers discovered the other day, then they may have figured out how to interpret our television and radio signals that we've been sending into space forever. Since the planet is 20 light-years away, they'd be seeing television from 1987, which includes Alf. Heaven help us.

Stephen Hawking's zero-gravity flight was an outstanding investment on the part of the company that offers the flights: They gave Hawking his flight for free (it usually costs $3,500), and got mountains of publicity in return.

If you have $4.5 billion burning a hole in your pocket, time is running out for you to put your bid on Chrysler.

Here's one of the dumbest ideas in history: The government is talking about making big cuts to the Voice of America. It's hard to emphasize enough just how stupid that would be. The VOA is one of the best investments we can possibly make, and cutting back on it is so short-sighted, it's frightening. China's growing quickly and abusing its people. At least a billion lives are at risk if wheat crops fail due to a rapidly-spreading plant-killer. Communism is spreading in Latin America. There's nothing stupider than pulling back from communicating with the rest of the world at a time like this.

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