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As gas prices get to rising again, lots of people have to start making choices about what they'll give up in order to keep buying the gas. Just as long as we don't start driving those tiny cars they drive in Europe. That's all I ask: No laws forcing us to drive mini cars, please. The campaign for incentive prizes for energy efficiency ideas continues. While we're in the process of thinking about how we use energy, we need to remember that energy consumption often buys us pieces of better living, like air travel and air conditioning.

A new website called TeacherTube takes the YouTube approach to video-sharing and applies it to education. The quality of videos varies, from claymation-style discussions of sound to the Perimeter Rap, but the whole notion of a teacher generating his or her own videos and using them in the classroom is pretty revolutionary.

Warren Buffett has some simple advice for investors: Buy index funds. How nice to see that he agrees with the investing advice I wish someone would have given me when I was 22.

It doesn't look like Bell + Howell makes filmstrip projectors anymore.

Not that we endorse computer crime, but it's pretty funny that Chinese hackers broke into a government-run TV station to send out anti-Communist messages.

Note to managers: If you have to fire your employees, don't use a fire alarm to get their attention. That's just rude.

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