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Brian Gongol

If your hobby is building explosives at home, perhaps you haven't considered some of the better alternatives, like building model airplanes or gardening.

Apparently they don't teach courtesy in Alabama: One state senator punched a colleague on the floor of the legislature after he was called a mean name. What maturity.

If the recent news of abductions in places as close as Kansas City have alarmed you, the Iowa Department of Public Safety has some great recommendations for talking to your kids about safety. It's a tiny investment in protecting some of the most valuable things in life.

Man crossing street in wheelchair gets stuck to front of semi truck and ends up stuck in 55 mph race for his life. No, it's not a joke. It really happened.

The Space Shuttle is taking off for one of the last ten (or so) trips. It's kind of odd: Soon, the Shuttle will be retired and we'll have no regular way of getting Americans back and forth to space, but you'll be able to book a flight to space for $200,000. Such strange times we're in.

Is $60 billion enough to help poor countries? That's a lot of money -- more than Americans spend on lottery tickets each year. It's in our interest to get some parts of the world to develop their own economies -- especially when some of them are trying to steal from Americans.

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