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Why do we call it "breaking" news? It's an enormously common phrase to use, but it turns out it's probably a reference to the news breaking its way into the consciousness.

What will iPod ads look like in the future? It's a preview of the "paleo-future", the history of what we thought the future would look like.

If you don't know about China's stock-market bubble, it's in your best interests to learn quickly. Millions of people with no investment experience have been pouring all their savings into a go-go stock market that's growing too fast for any sort of logic. We can't predict when the bubble will burst -- that's like predicting the high temperature 20 days from now. But we know for certain that it will happen -- just like we know that winter will be colder than summer. And when those millions of people, long oppressed by their government, suddenly find their savings decimated, don't be surprised when that has big consequences that rumble well outside China.

It turns out youthful angst is practically universal: Even an English prince can't get the job he wants.

Lunch with Warren Buffett costs $650,100 on eBay. Just thought you'd like to know. That would buy a whole lot of copies of "The Intelligent Investor."

Ben Stein offers good advice about mortgages. What a renaissance man.

The world would be better off if more people knew self-defense. Case in point: A 27-year-old pickpocket discovered the hard way that the 72-year-old he had targeted was a former Marine and a boxer.

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