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Project Destiny comes up for a vote on Tuesday. Read and digest the reasons to vote for the plan and the reasons to vote against the plan, and then -- please -- get out and vote. You owe it to people in places like Hong Kong, where Communists are eroding democracy.

Mark Cuban got $5.7 billion for selling to Yahoo. What's funny is that if you go to today, you're simply redirected to Yahoo's homepage. Seems like they're not making full use of that asset.

Remember those red-light cameras we've complained about before? It turns out they increase the frequency of rear-end crashes.

It's time to bring back enthusiastic futurism. Technology and markets help make life better and we have to remind ourselves of this all the time, lest we get (wrongly) convinced that things are going downhill.

The BlackBerry is going to China, and that's great news. Think about the history of technology and how it drives campaigns for freedom.

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