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Former Queen guitarist Brian May is getting a Ph.D. in astrophysics, which we take as a sign that no matter how hard you've rocked, there's still a reason to learn.

Here's my letter to Mark Cuban, asking him to let Cubs fans participate in his buyout plan for the team.

There's a new tallest building in the world. It's really just absurdly huge, but there's good news in that it's being built in one of the Middle Eastern nations that's tried hardest to become Western-friendly.

If you're a public official, is it really a bright idea to sign a letter go to jail or the cemetery soon on city letterhead?

What's a real revolution? How about electric light?

You first heard us talk about this back in October 2006, but British officials are starting to realize that long security lines at airports may actually be a severe security threat.

Good news for those of us who "talk" with our hands: Gestures may improve learning.

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