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Will ionic winds help make super-fast computers possible? Maybe we can get those computers to do some of our excess domestic work done for us.

What's the value of preventative health care?

Here's the problem with averages: The same part of England that flooded last month was stuck in a severe drought last year. Average the two disasters, and it looks like everything has been OK. But that's not reality.

Is Iran claiming that the Thunderbirds will defend them, or that they think their own air force can beat the Thunderbirds?

Two spooky notes on the money front: P/E ratios are worse than sky-high, and the CEO of Wal-Mart says consumers are running out of money.

The American constitutional republic has been around for well over 200 years now, and yet in other parts of the world, people are still being jailed at the pleasure of the king. Monarchies are well past their "sell-by" date, don't you think? Sometimes it seems like liberty is appreciated best by those who had to fight to get it. And as odd as it may sound, good Web design may be a matter of human rights.

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