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Brian Gongol

Volvo has a new 52-mpg car that runs on diesel -- no hybrid! Amazing.

Bill Gates says he's leaving Microsoft next year. That ought to have an interesting effect on the company, which is truly a cult of personality.

New parents: The new trend is to make sure your child's name isn't already a domain name for someone else. Not that it makes it worth giving your child some kind of nutty name, just to make sure they have their own URL, but if you already like the name, and it's not taken, it's probably worth a small investment to save it for the kid.

The iPhone: It's like IE4 all over again. What's bothersome is that anyone has to design websites specific to the browsing platform someone uses to get there. That's just a hassle.

What if the YouTube debates were actually conducted on YouTube? Here's a guess: A big pile of nonsense. By the way, Google is going to start running ads on YouTube.

Are we really prepared for a major earthquake in the New Madrid fault? It sure doesn't seem like we are.

Online special: We didn't get to this story today as hoped, but Defense Department researchers have programmed a plane to refuel in mid-flight. If they start using these programs to pilot passenger planes, someone's going to have to program the computer to give that "fasten your seat belts" message with the universal Texas pilot drawl.

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