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The economy supposedly grew at a strong rate in the second quarter, but after all the revisions go into the books, growth has been just plain flat for the last few years. At least growth seems to have been good in the Des Moines area.

Apple is cracking down on iPhone crackers.

Two years after Hurricane Katrina, 65,000 families are still living in FEMA trailers. We need to do better.

Scientists are making breakthroughs in printing new organs. That could be huge, and it sure makes it seem like any proposals to revamp the US health care system are sorely lacking in imagination. Whatever the politicians and think-tanks propose, doctors, like all people, respond to incentives. With the world changing so fast, we really need better ideas for putting science in front of the people. Seriously: There are easy ways to cut breast cancer, but we have to learn how to get this kind of news and information out there. Maybe we just need to get hot people to report on that stuff.

A BBC interviewer deserves tremendous applause for standing up to leftist anti-market propagandist Naomi Klein. She shares their interview on her website, but the long and short of it is that host Steve Evans kept her from getting away with some pretty nefarious lies about economics. She suggests that the White House is using war to line the pockets of its friends. If someone's using influence, connections, and corruption to use government power, that's crony capitalism -- which is the opposite of what free-market advocates like Milton Friedman have stood for.

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