Brian Gongol filling in for Steve Deace on WHO Radio
Brian Gongol

LeVar Burton is 50 years old. That doesn't have anything to do with anything, except that I really just don't believe it.

Ryan Moffatt from came to the studio to talk about the community website that features All Des Moines...All the Time. Seriously: It's a great site with hundreds of people, each with a different perspective on develpment here in Des Moines, and a great community service. I've started a site called to talk about many of the same issues, in a slightly different format.

Hollywood scriptwriters who think that they're unique enough to last in a long-term strike ought to realize that the video game Halo 3 just made $170 million in one month. If the scriptwriters aren't willing to write, people will find something else to do.

Nobel Peace Prizewinner and Iowan Norman Borlaug says we're doing a terrible job of moving knowledge from generation to generation, and I'd have to agree. Too many textbooks emphasize flash at the expense of actual content.

AJ Mumm, the Polk County Emergency Manager, told us more about plans to update and redevelop a county-wide evacuation plan.

Supervalu -- the big grocery chain headquartered in Minneapolis -- fell for a huge identity scam, in which crooks posed as vendors like Frito-Lay in order to try to steal about $10 million.

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