Brian Gongol filling in for Steve Deace on WHO Radio
Brian Gongol

The colossal scale of the flooding in southern Mexico is nearly beyond belief. 850 towns have been flooded by up to 36' of water, and a million people have been affected. You can help by contributing to the relief efforts being conducted by Catholic Relief Services or the Red Cross.

Certain people should dance at work: Chippendales, aerobics instructors, and Ellen DeGeneres come to mind. But dentists should probably keep their moves under control -- lest they boogie a little too hard and snap a drill bit in a patient's head.

One day to go before local elections. Have you picked your candidates yet?

The Secretary of State, presumably delivering the opinion of the US government, says the jailing of hundreds (or perhaps thousands) of lawyers and judges in Pakistan is not in line with what the US wants. There's no way to ignore ourselves from what goes on in Pakistan right now: Not only is it the 6th-largest independent country in the world, it also has nuclear weapons and is supposed to be an ally in the war on terrorism.

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