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Brian Gongol

This month's Patch Tuesday update from Microsoft wasn't particularly huge -- only two real updates, one of them critical. Make sure you get the update.

A fellow named Ian Pearson has one of the coolest jobs in the universe: He's the in-house futurist for British Telecom. That means it's his full-time job to think about what's happening now and how it's going to affect the future. Lately, he's predicted that computers will win Nobel Prizes by 2020. That's probably a little over-optimistic, but even if so, the prediction itself is likely to come true at some time or another. And we're doing an atrocious job of preparing for a future in which computers could end up being smarter than we are...and reach a state of self-awareness.

Don't click on links you receive via e-mail unless you actually know and trust the person or organization sending them to you. Crooks are manipulating harmless-looking Google search links and sending them to you via spam, and if you fall for their trick, you could end up with a hijacked computer.

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