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Congress will be working on the fate of the proposed bailout package tomorrow, deciding whether $700 billion in taxpayer dollars will be used to finance buyouts and loans to troubled companies. It's a huge proposal, and we simply haven't had time to even read it all. But there are some takeaway observations we can share: Meanwhile, it's not just the banks that are getting bailout money -- the major automakers are set to receive $25 billion in cheap loans, too. Lots of individuals, families, and businesses that have been responsible and paid their bills for years are going to suffer twice for all of the irresponsibility that has led to today's problems: First, we're going to have to foot the bill when the tax bill comes due. And second, we're going to pay higher interest rates and suffer from higher inflation.

Business Week says that West Des Moines could be hit unusually hard by the financial troubles. That may or may not be true -- many of the metro area's financial companies are relatively conservative -- but it does call into question whether it was a smart idea for local officials to offer economic-development incentives to some of the companies that have shown up. We've talked about the trouble with economic-development incentive packages since at least 2006.

Checking in on our Future Scale, Chrysler has announced that it'll have an electric car for sale by 2010. That makes three companies -- GM and Toyota have promised to make plug-in electric cars by 2010.

An Iowan who is working on ways to feed astronauts on a long mission to Mars could very well end up saving a lot of lives here on Earth. One of our biggest challenges is getting food quickly and easily to people who need it. Some science and a little entrepreneurial initiative could make good things happen.

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