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Brian Gongol

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No big news from MacWorld. MacWorld and the Consumer Electronics Show have both wrapped up, and the Apple keynote at MacWorld was given by a non-Steve Jobs for the first time in years. The speech doesn't seem to have included any huge announcements, unlike past keynotes during which Jobs announced products like the iPhone.

Pictures everywhere. Dan's trying to become un-frustrated with his Sharper Image picture viewer. Sharper Image has had a bad 12 months anyway, but Dan's experience is no help. Also, the Polaroid instant camera is back with the PoGo. They ceased production of the old-style instant film about this time last year, but the new version uses a tiny printer.

Windows 7. Microsoft is releasing a beta version of Windows 7 (though they're apparently having trouble with too much interest for their servers), and a production version coming out within the year would be right on track with earlier forecasts.

Archiving memories. We got a follow-up question about our comments on archiving old movies and digital records from last week.

Radio on your phone. Our parent company is rolling out a service called I Heart Radio that will let you stream our stations to your iPhone and iPod Touch. WHO Radio isn't quite on the list yet, as we understand it, but will be very soon. Meantime, you can always listen to our podcasts in places where radio reception isn't any good.

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