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Is 3DTV on the way? Perhaps. But even though the technology is available, it's hard to imagine consumers being ready to spend the huge dollar amounts necessary to get the receivers. And just try to comprehend how hard the transition might end up being.

Congress is looking at delaying the nation-wide transition to HDTV. If that happens, expect a bunch of complaints from many sectors -- public-safety groups are counting on the bandwidth being abandoned by traditional television to become available soon for their radios. And the television stations that have already been forced to change their equipment probably don't want to make a change back to analog television this close to the deadline.

Twitter's popularity continues to grow at a huge rate. If you haven't followed Dan's Twitter channel or Brian's Twitter channel, those are two good places to start.

So...the President will get to keep his BlackBerry. That's a good thing, for many reasons -- not the least of which being that it'll give him an opportunity to sample ideas from outside his inner circle.

A new update for Firefox is out. If you haven't tried Firefox as an alternative browser to Internet Explorer, we strongly recommend that you try it.

Sign of the times: The Vatican is now on YouTube.

Apple turns 25 years old this year. Dan (our house Mac fan) and Brian (not our Mac fan) can agree on this: Good for them for having made it this far. Competition is good for the computer industry, and Apple has at least helped to provide this.

What if we did away with the hodgepodge of taxes we face now and replaced them with a single sales tax? The price would undoubtedly be high -- Canada's national VAT, or value-added tax, runs in the double-digits in parts of the country. But it might be a lot easier to work with than all the many other taxes we deal with.

China's government is taking a hard line in punishing some of the people involved with the tainted-milk scandal there, including some death penalties.

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