Wise Guys on WHO Radio - January 2, 2010

Brian Gongol

Somehow, the phrase "a cookie is a sometimes food" found its way into our show, right at the beginning. It's related to the Cookie Monster's eating habits on Sesame Street, and it brought about a discussion of other children's food-related characters, like the Hamburglar. The Hamburglar, in turn, was quite beautifully spoofed by The Onion, which printed a hilarious "article" about the Hammurderer.

Dan's looking at getting the Google Nexus One phone, which is supposed to be released this coming week. This got us into a debate over which smartphone is best these days, which is a pretty challenging question to answer, considering how quickly things are changing.

We pondered how the effect of background applications can slow down a smartphone or run down a battery prematurely. Some of the development rules for the iPhone appear to prohibit background tasks, which may be one of those classic Apple efforts to exert total control over the use of their technology for maximum speed.

I'm tired of people getting away with making outrageous statements under the cover of claiming to be "psychic". Someone just the other day made a purported "psychic" forecast about something bad happening to the President. There's no such thing as a psychic vision, and anyone who claims otherwise is a crook who's trying to take advantage of their fellow humans.

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