Wise Guys on WHO Radio - February 20, 2010

Brian Gongol

Some students in Bettendorf are in a fight with their school district over what they can publish in the high school's newspaper. The issue reinforces my argument that we've moved beyond the "knowledge economy" and are now in the era of the "judgment economy". It's easy to do lots of things that were incredibly difficult in the past. But the real value is in having the judgment to know what's smart or right or efficient or wise to do and what's not.

Abe Vigoda is still alive. So is Gordon Lightfoot, despite rumors to the contrary.

Dan has a strange obsession with the Danish women's curling team. Particularly Madeleine Dupont.

School districts are now having trouble knowing where their jobs start and stop, now that they're sending laptops home with their students.

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