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Tornado season for Iowa starts tomorrow. Time to make sure you've made copies (digital or otherwise) of treasured photographs and other memorabilia and placed them somewhere far, far away from home. Place them with a family member in another area code, or in a safety deposit box in another corner of the state. Just don't leave them anywhere near home. Digital cameras and scanners are cheap, and it doesn't take much to make a good copy. Major disasters (like tornadoes and floods) may be rare, but they're also unpredictable. You have to plan long in advance.

The disaster in Chile this weekend will probably turn out to be less deadly than the recent earthquake in Haiti, even though the Chilean quake was much stronger. That's because Chile has an average income of $14,700 a year while Haiti's is $1,300. The best lifesaving tool in the world is economic growth. Money isn't everything, to be sure, but it's one of the best tools we have to protect the essential things in life.

In response to the large number of people vying to define what a "conservative" is these days, I've prepared a short book list of what I think are the essentials in conservative thought.

The way the White House talks about GM and Chrysler, they must be delusional. One spokesperson actually said they're "emerging stronger than ever". Than ever? Has nobody heard of the 1950s?

Research says happiness peaks at age 74, which is well beyond what life expectancy used to be. If we keep extending life expectancies, will we find out someday that peak happiness really arrives at age 100? I hope so.

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