Brian Gongol Show on WHO Radio - June 27, 2010

Brian Gongol

Flooding is back with a vengeance this Sunday night. The Des Moines River at Stratford is already at its third-highest flood stage ever, and still rising as of 10:00 tonight. It's predicted that the river will also hit its third-highest level ever at Southeast 6th by mid-week. We've seen local bike trails flooding out already. (I shot a short video this afternoon from the Greenbelt trail in Clive.) Hang tight -- the forecast looks dry for the next couple of days, but we just can't really take any more water.

Brian Dean upgraded his family cell-phone plan to add a smartphone data plan this week. His teenage daughter used 46 Mb of data in the first two days. That's the equivalent of 690 Mb in a month, which would put her dangerously close to the new 750 Mb limits in place through several British phone providers. Some American companies are already talking about imposing limits of their own.

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