Wise Guys on WHO Radio - January 15, 2011
Brian Gongol

We blazed through another show today, talking about Verizon's plan to offer the iPhone next month -- great news if you're an iPhone user on a different network, or a Verizon user who really wants the iPhone, but probably bad news for those of us on Verizon who don't want the iPhone, since it's going to mean additional demand on Verizon's data network. Speaking of which, T-Mobile, which operates in the US and in Europe, is telling its British customers that they're going to be limited to 500 Mb of downloads per month -- a dramatic slashing of the limits, and a lot less than a real-life user could easily burn through in a month.

Speaking of smartphones, check out the really stunning news infographic from the Washington Post illustrating how smartphones are on the rise, standard cell phones are fading out, and practically nobody buys corded phones anymore.

A listener asked about whether the Zotero add-on to Firefox could be messing up Internet Explorer. It's possible, though not having used Zotero myself, it's hard to know for certain. But Zotero, like many other services, has different versions for different browsers -- a fact confirmed by a recent Twitter post from Zotero's makers.

An e-mail inquiry sent to wiseguys@whoradio.com asked about our discussion last week about why you should get your own domain name. The question dovetails nicely with another one asking what you should use for a social-bookmarking service (in other words, if you want to share websites you like with others and use them when you're away from your base computer). Look for the answer in a Wise Guys video recap coming soon.