Wise Guys on WHO Radio - March 19, 2011
Brian Gongol

Segment 1
Dan discovered recently that he had whooping cough (really!), and it took some effort to convince some of his health-care providers that it was real. Be an informed patient.

The New York Times is trying to go back behind a paywall.

Segment 2
Microsoft is killing off the Zune. Is Microsoft an innovative company, or do they even need to be? They just released Internet Explorer 9.

Segment 3
AT&T is charging people to tether their computers to their phones for data plans. Someone just got a $20,000 bill from Verizon.

Segment 4
If there's really any chance at all that you will be in the public eye, go looking for a job, or have any reason whatsoever for people to go looking for you on the Internet, you should probably get your own domain name.