Wise Guys on WHO Radio - April 9, 2011
Brian Gongol

Segment 1: A listener called with a G4 PowerBook that wouldn't show anything on the screen. We suggested checking (1) the video card, (2) the power inverter, (3) the screen itself, and (4) the cable connectors between the processor and the screen.

Segment 2: Have you heard of "Google knowledge"? It's the stuff you don't know, but that you know how to find quickly when you want to know it.

Segment 3: Listener questions on the Android app store, removing Android apps, and Dish Network's buyout of Blockbuster.

Segment 4: How to protect yourself from e-mail spoofing. Among other recommendations: Train yourself to confirm that the content you read in a message resembles what you'd expect to read from the person sending it. Use webmail services whenever possible so that you can benefit from their constant updates to databases that search for spoofs. And set up a domain name of your own and route your e-mail to the (infinite) number of addresses you can set up through that domain. If you assign unique or semi-unique inboxes to different lists and accounts, you can recognize quickly if some site or service you're using has been hacked.