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Brian Gongol

The President's remarks about business owners and entrepreneurs that came to light this week really struck a nerve and rubbed me the wrong way. Everyone has misstatements. But this sounded much more like it was something that came from the heart -- like he really doesn't believe that there's a difference between people who start or own businesses and those who don't. That's absurd -- there is a huge difference. It's not a difference that makes some people better than others; everyone has to follow the path in life that makes the most sense for them. But to make it sound as though the very act of putting up one's capital and taking a risk on making a business succeed is no different from what everybody else does? That's completely absurd.

Sometimes it's best to know when not to speak up via social media. A company that unwisely chose to outsource its public relations work discovered this when that outsourcing firm misunderstood the "Aurora" mentions on Twitter (as the news of the movie-theater shootings broke out) and responded with an utterly nauseating plug for a dress.

Can you imagine spending 58 years at the same job? A gentleman just retired after spending that entire length of time selling furniture at Nebraska Furniture Mart. What a remarkable story.

Even scientists don't like science articles with too many equations. We've said it before many, many times on the air: Communication needs to be clear and appropriate to the medium being used. People simply don't comprehend equations like we do the written word, and asking people to wallow through long stretches of math doesn't help them understand the concepts being reported.