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Brian Gongol

Whether you use it actively or not, Google Plus isn't going away. It's just not. Google is trying to deeply-integrate it into the many services provided by the company.

The Iowa DOT wants electric-car drivers to pay the same registration fees as everybody else. The big question is how long it'll take to change the way we fund our roads as cars use less gas and diesel to drive the same number of miles. It's not a minor question: If you drive the same number of miles on a car that's 10% more efficient than the one you drove ten years ago, you put the same amount of wear on the roads but 10% less tax money into the system to repair them.

Are we losing our sense of the improbable? There are so many spectacular things to be seen on the Internet every day that we may just be losing the ability to appreciate the less spectacular.

Would you pay $100 to send a message to Mark Zuckerberg? Your answer should be "no".

Boeing is having a lousy week.

Congress remains highly skeptical of Huawei and ZTE, both of which are trying to become big phone-equipment providers in the US. Now, we shouldn't be needlessly paranoid about foreign goods...but we should also avoid being naive about what the Chinese government is capable of doing.