Wise Guys on WHO Radio
Brian Gongol

Segment 1: You couldn't tell it by reading the official updates, but Oracle has fixed the security hole in Java. Run the Java update next time your computer offers it and keep your antivirus updated and you should be fine. Oh, and stay out of the bad neighborhoods on the Internet. (Obviously, there's no such thing as a literal "neighborhood" in cyberspace...but everyone has an instinct that lets you know when you're visiting sites you shouldn't.

Segment 2: Take a look at this list of words you shouldn't apply to yourself, especially in a resume or on LinkedIn. You're not a "guru" or a "thought leader" if you have to tell people that's what you are.

Segment 3: In case you forgot (or didn't hear the first time): The Library of Congress is archiving all public postings on Twitter for posterity. Remember, we're living in the era of the judgment economy. Don't say things off-handedly if you're not willing to see them posted on the front page of a newspaper...10 years from now.

Segment 4: Des Moines gets a mention in a Washington Post article about finding the "next Silicon Valley". Hey, on one hand, it's great to get the recognition. But let's not get carried away with thinking that this is about to become a rival to the real Silicon Valley, which has the advantages of both proximity to places like Stanford University and a multi-decade head start in both reputation and culture.