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A "national manufacturing strategy"? How about a better idea? The President should have a "brain trust" or "kitchen cabinet" like some of his predecessors, to whom he turns for informal advice. Those people should come from a range of backgrounds, including manufacturing. And -- if they have their wits about them -- they'll probably say that what we don't need is another government effort to command and control the economy. We just need a good educational system, a government that knows when to step in (only when necessary), and a level playing field for the private sector to compete. We can't even get our public infrastructure to be adequately funded or maintained...why should we think that the government should try to do even more than it already does?

42 facts about Douglas Adams, in honor of his birthday.

We're about to spend a billion dollars for a missile-defense system on the West Coast that we hope never to use. What a waste. It's a rational response to an irrational game perpetrated by the Communist government in North Korea. They're wasting their own resources trying to build nuclear weapons, and they're wasting our resources in forcing us to build a defense system. It's just a depressing waste.