Wise Guys on WHO Radio - June 29, 2013
Brian Gongol

Computers and the Internet BlackBerry is losing money
The company lost $84 million in the last quarter, even as sales rose. They're pretty much the last manufacturer left standing with keyboards built into their smartphones, but is that enough to keep users around? It's still a popular corporate platform, particularly for e-mail security, but that might not be enough. Meanwhile, it looks like plans for Microsoft to buy Nokia's phone line died out. It's been noted that Microsoft's phone business depends upon Nokia, so if Nokia changes strategy and turns to the Android platform instead, Microsoft could be without a real presence in the smartphone market.

Health People aren't short of time -- they're short of thinking time
It's suggested that the problem many frazzled people have today is not so much that they have too much to do, but that they don't reserve adequate amounts of mental and emotional capacity to make decisions

Computers and the Internet It's not perfect, but Feedly is a decent substitute for Google Reader
It's as close to the Google Reader as any of the other RSS readers on the market. Just be sure not to enable the widget to follow you everywhere you go using the Chrome web browser.

Computers and the Internet Trojan-horse attack wipes out wide range of files
It looks like it's targeting computers in Korea, though that's no real assurance that it won't migrate elsewhere. And that it's hitting Korean computers certainly ought to raise eyebrows and suspicions as to whether the North Korean government and its cyberwarfare squads are involved.

Computers and the Internet Malware for mobile devices is out there

Iowa Iowa tries to sell ICN, but gets bids from only one prospect
The commission overseeing the network rejected the two bids it received from INS

Computers and the Internet Verizon and US Cellular issue Android update (4.1.2) to Samsung Galaxy S3 phones

Business and Finance Should new technology subsidize old technology?
Did newspapers subsidize the town crier?

Computers and the Internet Stop sending naked-baby photos around the Internet
Today's children beg you. And John McIntyre asks for no more than one baby picture (of any sort) per month.