Brian Gongol Show on WHO Radio - November 17, 2013
Brian Gongol

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Science and Technology Improvements in quality of life that never make headlines
A power plant serving the University of Texas at Austin went from 62% efficiency two decades ago to 88% today, thanks to improvements in controls, management, and technology. That's a tremendous move forward -- but it's the kind of thing most people never know about. Incremental progress, compounded year after year, makes life today vastly better than it was a few years ago. We don't have to hold our collective breath and wait for "disruptive technologies" to make things better.

Business and Finance Group buys $15 million of personal debt and declares a jubilee
Sure, it sounds like something nice to do for the people with the debt. But the reality is that unless we fix the way Americans learn about money, jubilees aren't going to do any durable good.

Agriculture How wind farms could offset rural taxes
Finding sustainable sources of income could make a huge difference to rural communities

Health How Federal health guidelines fail you as a healthy person
And yet we've voted for more government involvement in health care?