Brian Gongol Show on WHO Radio - December 24, 2013
Brian Gongol

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Filling in this morning for Jan Mickelson.

A cold night

As I started making notes on this show, the temperature was -3°F, dropping toward a projected overnight low of -9°F. There's a point at which we just sort of run out of words to describe just how cold it is.

And on a night like this one, there are people -- living, breathing human beings, just like you and me -- who don't have a place they can call their own to stay the night. In Des Moines, that number can reach triple digits.

We will talk with Tony Timm, who directs Central Iowa Shelter and Services. Some questions we'll pose: [Postscript] A few notes we learned from Tony: Here are some of the services offered in Central Iowa:
Technology toys for the holidays

Some last-minute options for your holiday shopping...

Tablets are all the rage, as you've undoubtedly heard: The cheapest Chromebooks right now start at $199, which is about what you used to pay for a netbook (finding those anymore is a tall order). Laptops are all over the market, with stores like Target and Walmart now selling them in the $250 to $400 range.

Listener tech questions we'll answer if we have time

You might have caught our special two-hour edition of the WHO Radio Wise Guys this past weekend. We'll have another this coming weekend. Even with the extra time, we still run out of time to answer all the questions we get. Here are two we missed from this past weekend: