Wise Guys on WHO Radio - March 29, 2014

Brian Gongol

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Sign of the times: Who's really on Twitter

A very quick review of the Iowa Hawkeye women's basketball roster shows that nine of the eleven players have active Twitter accounts: Now, is this a really high concentration of users because head coach Lisa Bluder or someone else on the staff encourages it? Or is it just a happy social coincidence? Whatever the case, it's a sign of the times: If you want to know where the college demographic can be found online, you'd better start looking on Twitter.

News of the week

Computers and the Internet Microsoft/Nokia deal on hold until April

Computers and the Internet TechCrunch says Google is folding Voice into other products

Broadcasting Sign of the times: BBC moves a major channel to online-only
BBC3 went on the air in 2003 and will go off the air (in the conventional sense) once the plan works its way through the bureaucracy. How much will the over-the-air signal actually be missed?

Computers and the Internet Twitter goes beyond the 140 characters
They're letting users put as many as four photos in each update

Four takeaways from the Younkers Building fire