Brian Gongol Show on WHO Radio - June 8, 2014

Brian Gongol

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Please note: These show notes may be in various stages of completion -- ranging from brainstormed notes through to well-polished monologues. Please excuse anything that may seem rough around the edges, as it may only be a first draft of a thought and not be fully representative of what was said on the air.

This week:

News The new emissions rules aren't going to come without costs
Two things to know about every new regulation: One, they're never free. Regulations have the same effect as an explicit tax, but just through a more circuitous route. Two, every cost imposed (via tax or regulation) has an implicit cost, too, in that it diverts resources from something else. Sometimes, the tradeoff is justified -- but not always.

Business and Finance One-paragraph book review: The Science of Success by Charles Koch

Computers and the Internet The CIA debuts on Twitter
Maybe that's the sign Twitter has become irreversably mainstream

Threats and Hazards Vodafone basically says there's no such thing as un-surveilled cellphone use
It's not just the NSA wiretapping phones in America -- Vodafone says six countries don't even bother to get wiretaps before getting access to phone records