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Brian Gongol

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This week

Business and Finance When politics trumps economics
An independent central bank is essential. The apparent non-independence of Russia's central bank is going to turn very, very costly.

Business and Finance First estimate of 4th-quarter 2014 US GDP growth: 2.6%
Nothing phenomenal, but at least it's growth

Yay Capitalism

News Whose "brainchild" are you?
Sure, it's a promotional stunt by GE, but it's nice to see someone acknowledge that we're not just genetic children of our parents, but also intellectual descendants of other people

Tin Foil Hat Award

Socialism Doesn't Work Pity the poor college students of China
The Communist government there, living in terror of leaving people with their own free thoughts, is pushing colleges to ban Western textbooks, especially if they speak ill of the Communist system

The nerds will save us -- but not the nerds you expect

US GDP growth rate unimpressive

China GDP growth rate falling but still much higher than ours

China prohibition on Western textbooks in colleges

Not a "long war", but likely a very long and tense coexistence

Some syncretism will affect both cultures; that's inevitable

The nerds will save us

Nerds are 25% of the population; maybe a little more

Nerds are deeply engaged in their own topic, whatever it is

Nerdiness is a byproduct of surplus (leisure, hobby money) and personal freedom and liberty

Huge production potential with nerds

Not a computer things, though some nerds are obviously computer nerds

Bill Gates -- wife teases him on television for being a nerd, and she's really smart

Nerds are a separate but overlapping population group with smart people

Where interest meets energy

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