Wise Guys on WHO Radio - April 4, 2015

Brian Gongol

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Please note: These show notes may be in various stages of completion -- ranging from brainstormed notes through to well-polished monologues. Please excuse anything that may seem rough around the edges, as it may only be a first draft of a thought and not be fully representative of what was said on the air.

Ten laws of technology

  1. You can't keep the 1% of the population who are psychopaths and sociopaths from using the same technology as the rest of us
  2. Government intervention in technology will always have unintended consequences
  3. Everything you have now will work right in about 2 or 3 years -- but the new stuff won't quite
  4. Until investors demand return on capital, there will be no "investing" in the tech sector -- only speculation
  5. There will never be enough bandwidth
  6. Humans will be the weakest point in most technological systems
  7. We cannot figure out enough fast enough about how the brain works
  8. Technology is best when it substitutes for trivial decisions and supplements human thinking on big decisions
  9. Everyone needs ongoing tech ed
  10. It's much easier to get to the top than to stay at the top

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