Brian Gongol Show on WHO Radio - June 8, 2015

Brian Gongol

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Please note: These show notes may be in various stages of completion -- ranging from brainstormed notes through to well-polished monologues. Please excuse anything that may seem rough around the edges, as it may only be a first draft of a thought and not be fully representative of what was said on the air.

Who wants to be the competent one?

Bourree Lam has a worthwhile article in the Atlantic entitled "Being a Go-Getter is No Fun".

On agreeing with Bernie Sanders

It's often hard to agree with Bernie Sanders, the Socialist in the Senate who's now running for the Democratic nomination for President. But on one subject, he's right. Sanders said today that youth unemployment is a "national tragedy". He's dead right about that.

In the news today: The G7 gets together

The G7 countries have agreed to try to limit global warming to 2°C (or about 4°F)

In the news today: A new Cyclone coach

Iowa State has already announced their new head men's basketball coach: Steve Prohm (pronounced like "Rome").

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