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Brian Gongol

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(4:00 pm) An oasis in the food desert

Aubrey Alvarez is the director of Eat Greater Des Moines, the group behind a plan to install what you might call a robo-grocery at the Polk County Health Department on Carpenter Avenue. Some questions:

(5:00 pm) A few reasons to worry

Threats and Hazards UN estimate: There are 60 million refugees worldwide
And half of them are children. If we are to have any hope of peace in the coming years, we're going to have to wrap our brains around this issue. In those places that are bound to be destinations for refugees, a sensible and humane approach must prevail. In those places producing refugees, changes are due. The number of refugees is thought to be almost 10 million larger than just the year before. That means the odds of being a refugee are now 1 in 122 worldwide.

Business and Finance Speaking of all-out panic...
China is entering panic mode: "The central government, securities regulator and financial institutions have launched a joint effort to support the country's plummetingstock market amid fears that a market crash could threaten the country's entire financial system," says the state-run media.

(5:45 pm) And some lighter nonsense

News Tennessee state representative wants refund over new state logo
They paid $46,000 for a logo, and he wants all but $10,000 of it returned in part because the US PTO rejected the application for a trademark

Broadcasting Michael Eisner holds some rather depressing views of women
The former Disney chief thinks that "the number of beautiful, really beautiful women...that are funny, is impossible to find". Supposing he really believed that to be true, and that he really wished to find some, then why wouldn't he have invested in developing that kind of talent?

(6:00 pm) Man the lifeboats

A few notes on the recent weather:

All of this knowledge is courtesy of the work of Daryl Herzmann, assistant scientist at the Iowa Environmental Mesonet at Iowa State University. It's his job to collect weather-related data and turn it into stuff that we can actually use in everything from public safety to agriculture. Daryl does some great work on these topics and explores the data in some very compelling ways. A few questions for him:

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