Wise Guys on WHO Radio - August 1, 2015

Brian Gongol

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Please note: These show notes may be in various stages of completion -- ranging from brainstormed notes through to well-polished monologues. Please excuse anything that may seem rough around the edges, as it may only be a first draft of a thought and not be fully representative of what was said on the air.

In the news this week

Technology biography

Gary Barrett will be joining us for the show today. As usual, when we have a guest, we like to get their technology biography:

Windows 10

Windows 10 is officially out, and it's available for free upgrades for current Windows 7 and 8 users.

Your role in cyberwar

Security update

Street-smart social media

I got a LinkedIn invitation from someone whose profile name includes "(18,700+)" -- indicating the number of connections he has on the network. What kind of nonsense is that? He doesn't know the equivalent of everyone in Clive. Don't encourage people like this. You're not getting anything special from the deal if you accept a pointless invitation like this, and you're only feeding a weird and pointless beast.

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