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Brian Gongol

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This week

Threats and Hazards Taking over a Federal building is terrorism

If demonstrators in some foreign country had overrun our embassy, we would consider it a massive act of provocation. It is the same for the self-appointed "militia" that has taken over the headquarters of a national wildlife refuge in Oregon. It doesn't need to come to a shootout with them (nobody wins when that happens), but they've stepped outside the boundaries of political expression into outlaw behavior.

News Bill Gates reads 50 books a year

And his reviews can give a decent bump to book sales. If you're not reading 50 books a year (and most of us probably aren't), it's worth considering that Gates probably has a lot more on his plate than most of us do, and a lot less to gain financially from learning new skills. Also worth noting: He prefers print to digital.

Iowa Black Velvet is the most popular liquor in Iowa

It certainly has its adherents among seniors

Business and Finance Saudi Arabia tightens budget in anticipation of continued low oil prices

A resource bonanza is a lot of fun while it lasts, but it takes serious discretion and foresight to reinvest bonanza profits in long-term growth

News Collapse of oil prices crushes the Alaskan state budget

Tin Foil Hat Award

Yay Capitalism Prize

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