Wise Guys on WHO Radio - May 7, 2016

Brian Gongol

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In the news this week

Computers and the Internet Netflix mobile app to permit more user control over data use

A good step

Computers and the Internet Free Windows 10 upgrades to cease at end of July

The company says Windows 10 is now running on 300 million devices, and that the free upgrade offer for Windows 7 and 8 users will expire on July 29th -- after which, upgrades will cost $119. Still not a terribly high price, but why pay if you have the option to get it free?

News Tampa becomes a one-paper town

The economics of the newspaper business have never favored anything other than natural monopoly, anyway -- but high production and distribution costs in a time of digital media are enough to topple almost any duopolies that remain

Street-smart social media

Computers and the Internet Beware self-promoting hacks on social media

There are plenty of people willing to sensationalize and exaggerate in the interest of getting more followers

Listener questions

From Bruce in Indianola:

I don't know if you are familiar with Windows Defender Offline. I used it every once in awhile for almost a year. Recently, this Microsoft product is not working and nothing regarding this problem can be found except for a group of people who are not getting a response from MS. The reports can be found here: http://answers.microsoft.com/en-us/protect/forum/protect_defender-protect_updating/windows-defender-offline-definitions-out-of-date/1502d0d1-dd89-4cbe-9c66-3566ed759e98

I looks like we are all having the same problem and I agree with the assessment that there is a problem on the MS end.

Do you know anything about it? I liked it because it functioned offline. No more I guess.

From "A Faithful Listener":

On your April 30th broadcast, you said Safari for Windows had not been supported since 2012. I searched Google and found links to download Safari for Windows 2016. Who is supporting Safari for Windows now? Are they reliable people/companies? Were you aware of this?

My answer: The links I found to a program calling itself "Safari for Windows 2016" were from totally unreliable websites that are almost certainly trying to get you to download a program with some sort of virus or other malware attached. DO NOT download anything purporting to be "Safari for Windows 2016" -- it is NOT FROM APPLE and is almost certainly unsafe for use!

Also in the news this week

News Counterfeit products get some Senate attention

Lots of copying disincentivizes innovation

Science and Technology Tesla factory is 14% complete

They're going to finish in sections so battery production can begin before the building is complete

Weather and Disasters The USGS takes renewed interest in Mount St. Helens

"There is absolutely no sign that it will erupt anytime soon, but the data we collect tells us that the volcano is still very much alive [...] Over the last 8 weeks, there have been over 130 earthquakes formally located by the Pacific Northwest Seismic Network and many more earthquakes too small to be located. Earthquake rates have been steadily increasing since March..."

Weather and Disasters Stunning videos from the Fort McMurray fires

People leaving the city in a panic and driving convoys right through the fires. The damage toll could be in the range of $10 billion.

Science and Technology Americans seem not to really want the self-driving car

That's why it won't happen wholesale -- the self-driving car will arrive one piece at a time. But it will arrive eventually.

News Even newspaper-friendly UK can't sustain a new paper

A well-backed startup lasted just nine weeks

News If the endowment gets bigger, why don't tuition rates get smaller?

Warren Buffett obliquely criticizes Grinnell College for its endowment largesse (largely a result of his own work as a trustee) but its failure to make college more affordable with that wealth. The core problem in college costs isn't necessarily funding -- it's the management and administration of higher education. What other industry could behave with such disregard for efficiency?

Threats and Hazards Russia and China close the "weapons gap" with the United States

Their military weapons are improving, and it's hard not to suspect that cyber-espionage against the US defense sector has played a role

Computers and the Internet Mark Zuckerberg enlarges his domain over Facebook

Investors who care about voting control might need to pay attention

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