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Brian Gongol

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This week

Make money

Noticing economic signals in the world around us:

Have fun

Clean up after yourself

Mind your business

Quote of the Week

The week in technology

Contrary to popular opinion

Hyperbole is going to kill us all

21st Century conservatism

If this election has you exasperated, then vote on Tuesday. Then on Wednesday, make sure you're paying your civic rent.

Curiosity, competence, and humility

Have a little empathy

Three awful things happened this past week:

Inbox zero

But first...

Stop the deliberate ignorance

Why Deviant Donald must be repelled


What makes him a deviant:

Last-minute election thoughts

Three things to bear in mind if you're voting on Tuesday:

Tin Foil Hat Award

Yay Capitalism Prize

Capitalist solution of the week

Police memorial tonight

On Saturday, 05 November, at 7 pm there will be a candlelight vigil at the Des Moines Police Station, 25 E. 1st Street. We will gather near the memorial car. We would like to invite our friends in the community, as well as our media partners, to join us as we continue to honor Sgt. Beminio and Officer Martin.


The curse of Daylight Saving Time resumes tonight

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