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Brian Gongol

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Programming notes

Segment 1:

BUT FIRST: The opening essay

Alabama visitor - thought it was the second crop

Naturally, we got to talking about other differences

That's why federalism works. Also a reminder about why it's so dangerous to turn over our hopes, expectations, and demands to Washington

When you start adding up the range of unexpected and unusual events right now, it's almost too much to gather

21st Century conservatism

What's missing from politics right now


In many ways, we need our expectations to be lower, but our situational awareness to be much broader

Segment 2:

Have fun

Tom Petty show

Joe Walsh opened

40 years to tour with the same band is pretty incredible in its own right

It was a little too obvious for the guy near me to light up his marijuana during "Last Dance with Mary Jane"

Huge crowd -- not quite capacity, but really full

Got money's worth -- was after 11 by the time the show was out

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Speaking of apps...

Segment 3: John Lettieri interview

Segment 4: John Lettieri interview

Segment 5:

Coolidge and Sasse book reviews

"In the course of a year the entire number [of Presidential speeches] reaches about twenty, which probably represents an output of at least seventy-five thousand words. This kind of work is very exacting. It requires the most laborious and extended research and study, and the most careful and painstaking thought. Each word has to be weighed in the realization that it is a Presidential utterance which will be dissected at home and abroad to discover its outward meaning and any possible hidden implications. Before it is finished it is thoroughly examined by one or two of my staff, and oftentimes by a member of the Cabinet. It-is not difficult for me to deliver an address. The difficulty lies in its preparation. This is an important part of the work of a President which he cannot escape. It is inherent in the office."

Segment 6:

"Certified Hawaiian deep-sea water" - and developing a detector for this stuff

Contrary to popular opinion

Professional-class jobs or true business education?

Segment 7:

Your role in cyberwar

Quote of the Week

Fallacy of "he's a good person"

Republicans and Democrats alike have been far too willing to give a free pass to their own people because they liked them, instead of holding fast to principle

"It is a great advantage to a President, and a major source of safety to the country, for him to know that he is not a great man. When a man begins to feel that he is the only one who can lead in this republic, he is guilty of treason to the spirit of our institutions." - Calvin Coolidge

Cyberwar on democracy isn't a literal call to arms, but it's just as urgent

Segment 8:

Virtue of random junk pickup week

Yay Capitalism Prize

Amazon Prime for the poor

Make money

Tesla market cap exceeds BMW

By the numbers

Iowa vehicle-miles traveled

87% of all vehicle-miles traveled are by cars, pickups, vans, and motorcycles

Even on the Interstates, big trucks and buses only account for 23% to 24%

33 billion total vehicle-miles traveled, of which 11.5 billion are strictly passenger vehicles on city streets. Responsibility to pay for things really does begin at home.

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