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Overdue for a big national project

Transcontinental railway, Interstate Highway system, WWI, WWII, Apollo

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This week

Like antibacterial soaps, exceptions to liberalized trade should be applied *sparingly* and with grave worry about the dangers of overuse.

— Brian Gongol (@briangongol) June 23, 2017

Is there anything more unnerving than to open up an app on your phone and see the warning "Another application is using your microphone"?

— Brian Gongol (@briangongol) June 23, 2017

We all suffer from survivor bias: We're the offspring of those who lived to adulthood and got to reproduce. That took a whole lot of luck.

— Brian Gongol (@briangongol) June 23, 2017

A person who can't thoughtfully entertain a contrary opinion shows no more brain function than a parrot.

— Brian Gongol (@briangongol) June 22, 2017

If this distracts him in any way from another season of "Arrested Development", I'm writing my Congressman.

— Brian Gongol (@briangongol) June 22, 2017

We may be on the verge of a Golden Age of Taiwanimation.

— Brian Gongol (@briangongol) June 22, 2017

Shared with endorsement.

— Brian Gongol (@briangongol) June 22, 2017

Dishonor in small things leads to dishonor in large ones. Stealing $3,000 is a medium-sized thing: via @jasonleopold

— Brian Gongol (@briangongol) June 21, 2017

It's a bad sign for civilization when free people self-identify primarily on which politician or media outlet they love or hate the most.

— Brian Gongol (@briangongol) June 21, 2017

Self-piloted electric aircraft for 4 to 8 passengers will *revolutionize* air travel. Could make two-hour road trips a thing of the past.

— Brian Gongol (@briangongol) June 21, 2017

So advising Dems to win by going way left is crazy: There's no votes to poach over there. And never were. /9

— Tom Nichols (@RadioFreeTom) June 21, 2017

I worry less about the scarcity of this *particular* type of opportunity than whether *lots* of entry-level opportunities are created.

— Brian Gongol (@briangongol) June 20, 2017

Life cannot be so cheap that excuses like this are made. Human beings make mistakes -- sometimes awful ones. But this claim is outrageous.

— Brian Gongol (@briangongol) June 20, 2017

NEW: An armed Russian jet came within 5 feet of a U.S. reconnaissance plane over the Baltic Sea, CBS News learns

— CBS News (@CBSNews) June 20, 2017

#NATO jets escort 32 #Russian aircraft over #BalticSea last week #Estonia

— Estonian News (@errnews) June 19, 2017

It's said that electoral campaigns are giant, well-funded startups. In France, the majority in the lower house will also be a startup.

— Brian Gongol (@briangongol) June 19, 2017

The "drug war" is an example of public policy stuck in a dumb rut because voters pick nonsense platitudes instead of serious harm mitigation

— Brian Gongol (@briangongol) June 19, 2017

Russia considers opening military base in Cuba

— Michael B Kelley (@MichaelBKelley) June 18, 2017

By the numbers

Unfilled appointive positions

Make money

I'm not sure that any other two topics could (a) have greater bearing on ordinary people's lives, or (b) bore those ordinary people more.

— Brian Gongol (@briangongol) June 22, 2017

Have fun

Clean up after yourself

Take three minutes and try this. The Federal debt is a real problem and no ideology has a monopoly on fault. Everyone has something to give.

— Brian Gongol (@briangongol) June 21, 2017

Public-sector pensions -- including how much participants contribute and how high their expected rates of return -- are a HUGE econ issue.

— Brian Gongol (@briangongol) June 21, 2017

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