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The week in technology


In light of the indictments issued today confirming that Russians have waged a social-media war on the American electoral process for years now, it seems timely to point you to a segment from last week's show. In this age, it's not just important to be skeptical of the purported "information" you see online -- it's important to be skeptical of the conduits themselves that carry that information. If you're in business or promoting a non-profit organization, don't fall for the idea you can build your business model on tools from Google, Facebook, or any other tech company. You should trust nobody. Their business models don't necessarily reward the kinds of results that are good for you, and the more often they change their offerings (which they may do even more aggressively than before if it turns out they can be blamed in any way for the bad behavior of the Russian groups), the less you'll be able to trust that they're going to work for you in the future. Build your own website, maintain it well, and treat everything else as an accessory or a tool for amplifying the message. If you think you're going to build a business "on" Facebook, you're crazy.

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Are we feeding our own insecurities?

The pace of news seems like it's faster than ever, but intensity shouldn't be a substitute for strategy. If you're like most Americans, you've heard reasons to worry about everywhere from Russia to North Korea to China, maybe even to Europe. Which ones are the serious threats to our security, and which ones are problems of our own making?

Dr. Megan Reiss is a senior national security fellow at the R Street Institute, and in this interview, we take advantage of her expertise on some big questions:

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